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Start receiving community benefits. Gain access to unique commercial properties that have available space for lease in your property type (ex. office, retail, industrial, healthcare). Bidding online for space to lease is free for corporate occupiers/tenants and we offer lower transaction costs to landlords so you can save.

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mCreate Your Own Unique Corporate Occupier or Tenant Profile

Insert your corporate logo, biography or organization description for the world to see. Or select private options for discretion online, such as for discreet corporate occupier/tenant bidding. Also, select what commercial property catagory(s) you want to view in your online searches through Exceedant’s marketplace and or through our property alerts, posts, and more on social media like LinkedIn. On the marketplace, select keyword seach terms such as: office, retail, warehouse, or other asset type.

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aControl Your Private Corporate Occupier/Tenant Dashboard

Select your preferences for email alerts, private 24/7 messaging and landlord/management’s responses, tracking of your interests to lease or bid(s) received, which landlord(s) responded, and more. There are customized tools to discover and use  on your Corporate Occupier/Tenant Dashboard.

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Connect with Landlords/Leasing Managers Who are Seeking Your Tenancy

View Exceedant Landlord/Management Profiles through the online marketplace 24/7 as well as advertise your occupancy needs on your Profile through the marketplace and/or expansive social media exposure (optional feature and email us for more information). Connect and chat on your private Dashboard with quality office, retail or other types of landlords and/or their brokers who may be interested in your tenancy for their vacant space.

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Streamline Transactions. Review Your Tenant Bids, Additional Documentation including Your Letters of Interest (LOIs), Financial Disclosures, Exchange Draft Red-Lined Leases, and More.

Pre-lease research, risk management, due diligence, and lease transaction responsibilities are easier with our online technology tools:

a) Exceedant CRE Marketplace Dashboard;

b) Online Appointment Scheduling (Optional for landlords/managers);

c) Exceedant/ShareFile Citrix Hosted Portal (This is an optional feature, and depends on landlord/management listing selections);

d) Exceedant Online Deal Room (EODR)/Citrix Hosted (This is an optional feature, and depends on landlord/management listing selections).

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Easily and Masterfully Participate in Space-for-Lease Events, Submit Your Occupier/Tenant Bids for Office, Retail, or Other Types of Space

Bid online at Events for space-for-lease listings after you thoroughly review location marketing materials including any detailed description(s), reserve base rent, CAM, and/or other per square foot price(s), terms and conditions, as well as your marketing videos, audios, and more. Receive email alerts of messages by landlords/brokers as well as important notices by email if your bid is selected, with Exceedant’s further instructions. Important: Review Exceedant’s Legal Section which includes: Terms of Use; Participation Terms/Agreement; and Privacy Policy.

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