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After over 20 years in investment management and private equity, we’ve built a solid, impressive network across the USA and around the world. EXCEEDANT utilizes this national and global network, together with our in-house team, to provide services for our investors, clients and strategic alliances. Services for institutional investors, national and global brands, private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, wealth management firms, family offices, high-net-worth individuals and other entities. Supported by this system, our EXCEEDANT teams expand, contract, and remain flexible to keep our services relevant, timely, superior to the competition, and always, reasonably cost-effective. Our goal is for our team to be a part of your team. 

We build expert teams for our investors, clients and alliances. And, steer them in the right direction both with our great in-house team, as well as our expansive network, making professional introductions, and much more. 

We believe that talented, skilled and enthusiastic people make the difference for delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations for our investors, clients and strategic alliances, today and always, after our long history of service.