Do You Invest in a Self-Storage REIT?

Concerned About Disruption of the Self-Storage Industry? If not, perhaps you should be. Size of the Self-Storage Industry We’re all familiar with the self-storage industry; in fact, many of us have rented a self-storage unit, storing surplus goods we don’t need immediately or can’t fit into our residence or garage.  But self-storage units are more than a convenience, collectively they constitute a substantial segment in the real estate industry. Just… Read More »Do You Invest in a Self-Storage REIT?

Will “The We Company” Work?

Will The We Company Work? WeWork, now The We Company, is one of many organizations whose fortunes have climbed to dizzying heights by leveraging the sharing economy.  With WeWork filing an amended draft registration with the SEC, an IPO is anticipated. So, it is timely to ask whether WeWork’s good fortunes are sustainable. WeWork’s Place in the Sharing Economy Before we drill down on WeWork, let’s take a brief look… Read More »Will “The We Company” Work?

Is Zillow “Uberizing” the Housing Market?

Zillow has a growing constituency interested in their continued evolution.  This group includes real estate agents, sellers and buyers of homes and investors such as hedge funds. While Zillow’s Premier Agent Program remains its cash cow, dramatic changes are inexorably altering the program and the company.  Let’s begin with the basics. Premier Agents pay Zillow for their share of voice, determined by an agent’s budgeted monthly spend as a percentage… Read More »Is Zillow “Uberizing” the Housing Market?

Introduction to The Exceedant Blog

This Exceedant Blog will cover a wide range of subjects which can be thought provoking and present opportunities for Enterprise companies, hedge funds, REITS, asset investors, as well as commercial real estate investors, landlords, and tenants.