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Specialities include: office, retail, multifamily, healthcare, data centers, storage facilities, entertainment, sports, land redevelopment,  and other sectors.


Specialities include: luxury, beachfront, equestrian, farms, vineyards, condos, co-ops, specialty mixed-use,  vacation, single family, land, and other sectors.


Miscellaneous Specialities include:  commercial or residential agreement of sale or lease redlining, phone/email negotiation, buyer/tenant due diligence, large scale data and document secure storage (e.g.Exceedant/Citrix Sharefile), title escrow, real estate contract compliance auditing, lease accounting, and other issues. 

“Our parental responsibilities to family members is usually quite hectic. Before we used Exceedant Real Estate Specialists for our investment portfolio, we had to juggle all our various real estate related tasks in our minds throughout the day.
Exceedant helped us get more organized, came up with a solid roadmap to move forward, and now we simply get more done. We easily set up phone meetings where we speak to our trusted advisor and get the help we need. We’re now so much more relaxed.”

About us

Our real estate specialists have an average of 20 years experience in sectors. If you have a specific individual at Exceedant that you prefer to speak with, please let us know.

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To empower our customers so that they make better real estate decisions that impact their businesses and families.

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  • Premium Research
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
    Other Services such as Negotiation, etc. as Required

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