For over 20 years, we’ve hosted 1000’s of online commercial real estate research, due diligence, strategy and other consultations (video/phone) with clients. You’ll receive friendly, convenient, timely and exceptional results. Testimonials and references available upon request. There is little to no risk to schedule an easy, approximate 1 hour consultation. We also provide monthly and yearly meeting subscription plans payable by Exceedant’s secure credit card/PayPal online invoicing system. Answer a few questions below and email your responses to our support team.

  1. Select Your Preferred Network Provider, or We Can Suggest a Few
    Do you have a preferred individual, Exceedant Network Provider, that you wish to speak with for your meeting? If yes, please let us know their name. We can also canvas our network of experts for you.
  2. Tell Us About the Subject of the Proposed Meeting
    What is the general topic, industry, specific project or company or asset portfolio you wish to discuss? Please share any additional details (e.g. geographic region in the USA or globally) which can help us in determining the best individual(s) suited for your meeting(s). We perform high due diligence, conflict checks as well for your security and privacy to help you accomplish your project mission.
  3. Give Us Your Contact Information
    Let us know your full name, position, organization, website, email, phone and your preference for a meeting. Live video or phone? How many people will be participating? Include their emails too if possible for sending invitations for phone/video conference(s), as well as any other details you think would be helpful for us.
  4. Rest Assured, Your Security, Privacy and Confidentiality is Protected
    You can relax knowing that everything you discuss during your meeting with an Exceedant Network Provider is confidential and private. Nothing will be disclosed to anyone other than you and/or your team.
  5. Experience Our Easy, Friendly Process
    It’s very simple to schedule a live video/phone meeting directly with an Exceedant Network Provider.
  6. Send Your Request for a Meeting Estimated Cost and Details
    Email our support team: inquiry (@) AND email: mcdonald.j (@) Include the subject heading “REQUEST FOR MORE INFO ABOUT A MEETING” or similar wording.

    We look forward to serving you and your team!