Virtual World Solutions

Exceedant: Digital asset and property services

Advisory Services

Exceedant provides consulting which may include in-depth research, analysis, strategy and innovative action plans for implementing virtual opportunities for businesses in Web 3.

Digital Asset and Investment Management

Exceedant is now involved in investment management and private equity services within Web.3; metaverses; tokenization; NFTs and more.

New Build-to-Suit and Construction

Exceedant now offers services to build from the ground up for digital assets and virtual property on lands in metaverses including Sandbox, Decentraland and others. Services include: metaverse and site selection; approval and negotiation processes; architectural; design; and more.

Engagement: Building Community Experiences

Exceedant explores and implements innovative tools to engage and excite customers, clients and investors. Building communities for businesses and brands - through interaction in both the physical and virtual worlds.