In-Depth Research & Business Intelligence

Respected and actionable real estate research, analysis and strategy

Predictive Analysis & Strategy: Action Plans

Independent and actionable intelligence for investors and lenders

Advisory & Consulting

Customized solutions for investors, lenders and operators to enhance competitive positioning for increasing capital returns

Investment Management

Seasoned equity appreciation through deep knowledge and understanding of the many layers business intelligence, analysis, due diligence, risk management and long term planning that is required for successful investing results.


Not only do we create a positive impact for our investor clients, but we strive and general succeed in spurring a beneficial, sustainable impact through our businesses, investments and advisory services – on communities. We seek investments where lifestyles of people and society as a whole can improve.



Prior to any investment and/or advisory project, Exceedant performs in-depth research utilizing a variety of data sources both private and public. For example, we are often called upon for deep analysis and strategy on companies, including commercial real estate companies, with significant, often undervalued assets or other opportunities for capital returns while creating a positive impact on a community.  When called upon to do so, we focus on individual assets and dissect parts of companies as well as their subsidiaries and holdings.  Our thorough business intelligence, research and predictive or prescriptive analytics – translates into a clear understanding of the industry sector, a specifc company, it’s assets, the potential for event- driven investment or the pursuit of shares of a publicly-traded company or individual asset. Our internal level of research, analysis and potential course of action supports clients in their efforts to make more profitable investments.

Our Mission

To facilitate exceptional returns utilizing our real estate expertise, creativity, work ethic and values. 

Our Approach

Explore contrarian positions. Identify undervalued assets.
Facilitate acquisitions at levels below replacement cost.
Identify opportunities to add value.  Confer benefits through acquisition, leasing and disposition expertise. 

Our Edge

Deep hands-on real estate perspective.
Investment agility.
Value creation.

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