Does Your Data Have Value?

Although physically intangible, and not yet recognized on balance sheets, your data has value. Dubious? A broad spectrum of businesses and professionals recognize the value of your data, including real estate agents and brokers. That is why they often buy leads. Moreover, just like real estate, the value of raw data can be enhanced. For example, companies like RedFin, OpCity/realtor.com and Zillow charge 30 – 35% (+/-) of the ensuing… Read More »Does Your Data Have Value?

Are Zillow’s and Its Premier Agents’ Interests Becoming More Closely Aligned?

Are Zillow’s Interests Now More Closely With Agents? Zillow is undergoing some dramatic changes.  We will briefly examine two such changes, seeking to determine whether they have brought Zillow’s interests and those of its Premier Agents into closer alignment. First Change – Best of Zillow The first change we will discuss is the roll out of the Best of Zillow badge, through which Zillow recognizes the top Premier Agents.  To… Read More »Are Zillow’s and Its Premier Agents’ Interests Becoming More Closely Aligned?

Is Zillow “Uberizing” the Housing Market?

Zillow has a growing constituency interested in their continued evolution.  This group includes real estate agents, sellers and buyers of homes and investors such as hedge funds. While Zillow’s Premier Agent Program remains its cash cow, dramatic changes are inexorably altering the program and the company.  Let’s begin with the basics. Premier Agents pay Zillow for their share of voice, determined by an agent’s budgeted monthly spend as a percentage… Read More »Is Zillow “Uberizing” the Housing Market?