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Our proprietary products cover all of the sectors of commercial and residential real estate, as well as alternative investment asset classes within a wide variety of over 21 industries. We provide cutting edge, unbiased, exceptional micro and macro data, deep-dive research, analysis, news and alerts, forecasts, portfolio analytics, and other tools for many of the most respected firms and entities around the globe. Of course, your organization’s privacy, security, and confidentiality are protected at Exceedant.

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Exceedant Unbiased, Highly-Accurate Research Subject Matter Includes:

U.S. Residential Real Estate Brokerage and Technology Platform Litigation and Regulation

Natural Resources, Mineral Rights, Shortages, and the Impact on Real Estate Sectors 

Smart Home, Office, and Retail Consumer Trends

PropTech and New Advanced Technology Competitors

ESG Impacts on the Real Estate Industry

New Major U.S. and European Real Estate Developments

Specialty Real Estate Sectors

The Tokenization of Real Estate

Emerging Real Estate Technology Platforms

Digital Real Estate and Twin Developments in the Metaverse

Private Company Real Estate Holding Spin Offs

Top 300 REITs Micro Research, Analytics, and Forecasts

Predictive Analytics for U.S. Real Estate Brokerages, Buyers, Sellers, and Tenants

Administrative Proceedings and Enforcement Impacting Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Recent Legislation, Regulations, and Litigation Impacting Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Water Shortages, Climate Changes, and the Impact on Planned New Construction Housing 

Lease Accounting Regulatory Changes and Impact on Real Estate Sectors 

Storage Industry Forecasts 

Ground Leases and Impacts on Valuations 

Indoor and Outdoor Malls Forecasts 

Retail Real Estate Market and Adaptive Reuse of Shopping Malls

The Impact of Climate Change on Commercial and Residential Real Estate Valuations 

Climate Change Impacts on Insurance Availabilities

Office Market and Adaptive Reuse 

Mobile Home Parks, Modular and Manufactured Housing

Multifamily Luxury and Affordable Housing

New Construction and Build-to-Rent

U.S. Single-Family Home Rentals, M&A, and Recent Major Portfolio Sales Transactions 

Affordable Housing Trends

Luxury Single-Family Homes 

Multifamily Surpluses and Regional Impacts 

Public Sector Real Estate Sales and U.S. Government Agencies Downsizing Trends

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