Exceedant is an asset management and financial services firm with national reach. We specialize in private equity, credit and hedge fund investment strategies. Our clients have included NYSE and NASDAQ traded companies, hedge funds, REITs and family offices. We often focus on real estate. We utilize advanced technology, the internet and a widespread expert network to accomplish our mission.

When our clients and investors want deep expertise, knowledge in specialty areas of assets, as well as innovation and creative equity enhancing strategy focused on assets or divisions of companies, they turn to us.

Co-Founders and Leadership Team

Exceedant’s CEO is Randy Airst Esq. LLM. For more about Randy, see LinkedIn.

Exceedant’s COO is Susan (Stann) Airst J.D. For more about Susan, see Linkedin.    

Our Support Team and Network of Experts

Exceedant is supported by an experienced team. We also have access to an expansive network of experienced commercial real estate professionals, with further connections to experts with specialized knowledge. These team members are called upon for specialty assignments for flexibility and savings to you, our valued client.