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Exceedant LLC is a commercial real estate, financial advisory and investment firm with an expansive national and global network. We deliver exceptional commercial real estate services for businesses. Our clients include: publicly-traded companies, hedge funds, family offices and other firms. 

We focus on portfolios of assets with national or global reach. We specialize in private equity, credit and hedge fund investment strategies with respect to companies with commercial real estate.

We utilize advanced technology, the internet and a widespread expert network to accomplish our mission.

When our clients and investors want deep expertise, knowledge in specialty areas of assets, as well as innovation and creative equity enhancing strategy focused on assets or divisions of companies, they turn to us.


Our Process

We seek to gain a deep understanding of your requirements by listening to you, then suggesting various systems or methods to accomplish your goals.
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Our Leadership & Expert Network

Our team has both advisory and investment knowledge. We protect your interests and need for specialty expertise through our network of experts in fields including: retail, office, multifamily, data, health, industrial and other areas. Exceedant's CEO is Randy Airst, Esq. LLM. Exceedant's COO is Susan Airst JD. For more information about Randy, Susan and our team, check out LinkedIn, use the Contact Form or call: 1.877.224.3180 EST USA.

Also, check out our new Podcast on Anchor and Google Play: "Exceedant Commercial Real Estate Insights." Susan and Randy talk with Guests including our Exceedant Network Experts and Advisors. Podcasts such as: "2020 Commercial Real Estate Outlook and Forecast."

Over 1 Billion Square Feet

of Projects Completed Over the Course of 20 Years

Many Public and Private Companies

Who are Satisfied Clients

Expansive National & Global

Positive Feedbacks

Tailored Research, Analysis & Strategy

for Respected Clientele

Ready and Flexible

Our Exceedant team adapts to your organization’s protocol and delivers a great client experience. Our services are optimized for smooth integration into your business plan and strategy.


Exceedant Customization

We understand your requirements and let you customize our services & products to fit your needs.

We deliver results. Your Full satisfaction is What We Seek.

Once Exceedant is retained, we move quickly to deliver your services to your full satisfaction.


Our Services are Optimized for Implementation.


We Make Things Easier for You.


Investment Opportunities and In-Depth, Expert Equity Enhancement Strategy Brought to Your Attention.


research & Strategy Assignments

We understand your constant needs for new, insightful company, division, litigation, real estate etc. in-depth data research. We offer monthly subscription options which can be tailored to your requirements in order to keep our team on-call and highly responsive for your team. Learn more by using the Contact Form or call us.

Sample Testimonial. More Available Upon Request.

Exceedant’s team did an exceptional job in identifying unrecognized Net Asset Value following the spin off of assets by a public company. 

- Hedge Fund Manager and Founder
- More than $1 Billion under management

Why Select Us for Investment Strategy?

We understand your requirements and deliver exceptional results.
We Facilitate Your Business
Growth & Profits

Explore the benefits of working with Exceedant. We believe you will be very pleased. And, your shareholders will be too. 

Outsourced Research
and Strategy for Savings

By hiring an outside research and strategy partner like Exceedant, you ensure great value and your investors are happy.

Proven Equity Enhancement Results

We are delivered exceptional results for clients and investors on a wide range of projects. See our video. Testimonials.

20+ Years Experience for Public/Private Entities

We have worked with REITS, hedge funds, and many other organizations who are national/global brands.

Strict Deadlines. You Can Count On Us.

Call on us to secure in-depth research and strategy, delivered fast and timely for your decision-making,.


There is a reason our Exceedant team has been around for over 20 years.  And, we work with a  national/global network.

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