Real Estate Research, Analysis, Forecasts, and Strategy Tools You Can Count On.

Deep-dive, reliable, unbiased research, analysis, forecasts, and actions plan resources are vital when you make investment decisions, including whether to buy, hold, sell, and lend on companies with real estate-related assets. We deliver results that exceed expectations.

Navigate Your Investment Decisions More Confidently, Even On Unsteady Waters.

We Work Very Diligently to Faciliate Success During Volatile Markets and Rapidly Changing Economic Cycles.

Our institutional investor clients include investment management firms, lenders, sovereign wealth funds, venture capital firms, brokerage firms, law firms, accounting firms, hedge funds, family offices, as well as high-net-worth individuals around the world.

Firms that have utilized Exceedant’s technology, proprietary systems, and tools for in-depth, unbiased, accurate, real estate research, analysis, forecasts, strategy, and more include: 

Fidelity Investments
Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs
JPMorgan Chase
and other respected entities

Exceedant's Reliable Resources for Your Real Estate-Related Investment Decisions Are Ready When You Are.

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Explore how we may be able to work together to achieve your mission and current real estate-related project goals.

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Exceedant Products and Services

Real Estate Research, Analysis, Forecasts, and Strategy Solutions include:

Exceedant Micro and Macro Intelligence

Tap into our proprietary systems, extensive databases, deep dive research, and more which combine real estate, alternative asset, legal, regulatory, and other information sources.

Exceedant Education

Exceedant Education offers a suite of timely, industry-driven, evolving ed-tech products. Watch for our new, online video programs and 24/7 access to learning for professionals. Our courses are constantly updated to reflect recent news, data, research and market or industry changes.

Exceedant Connect

Collaboration tools using advanced technologies. Exceedant Connect Membership gives you access to our Network of experts and professionals around the world. It's all about making connections. Real-time collaboration. Chat live and send screenshots, data, news, and more to your in-house colleagues, private clients, sales teams, prospective clients, and the investment community.

Exceedant Visuals

Comprehensive market views for project real estate and alternative asset strategies as well as presentations. Exceedant Visuals can include: charts, graphs and more, offer an intelligent, faster, efficient way to visualize real estate and alternative asset class information, support buy/sell strategies, and facilitate new ideas across platforms and industries.

Exceedant News

Access to quick, in-depth real estate and alternative asset news is imperative for gaining a competitive edge during volatile markets. Customize your news experiences to suit your interests and needs. Receive alerts whenever relevant stories break. Utilize analytical tools to understand the impact on values of real estate, a property, portfolio, and/or alternative asset class. Gain greater support for your buy/sell strategies as an institutional investor.

Exceedant Portfolio Analytics

Exceedant Portfolio Analytics supports your real estate and alternative asset class investment decision- making, performance, and reporting to your investors. Through our proprietary systems, we offer a comprehensive view of risk across portfolio types, investment buy/hold/sell strategies, industries, and geographies.

Recent Areas of Interest by Exceedant's Clients and/or Investors

Examples of general subject areas include:

U.S. Real Estate Brokerage Litigation and Regulatory Updates as well as Forecasts on the Impact


Multifamily Housing Rent REIT projections and Possible Impacts of New Legislation, Oversupply, and Other Factors


Real Estate Impacts of Climate Change, Insurance Access, and Environmental Legislation


Office Vacancies, Valuations, and Adaptive Reuse Analysis


Single Family Housing Rent Projections, Portfolio M&A, and Rent Projections


AI Impact on Real Estate and Asset Reporting, SEC Reporting Flaws, Data, Analysis, Portfolio Analytics and the Importance of Accuracy