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Exceedant is an investment, management, and advisory group. We focus on commercial real estate and alternative asset classes in the USA and globally. Our executive leadership team has over 25 years of experience and successful results. We consistently exceed expectations and deliver value.

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Based in the Greater New York City and Florida regions of the USA, Exceedant is an investment, management, and advisory firm. For over 25 years through Exceedant and its predecessor firms, we have provided clients and partners with services that exceed expectations, time and time again.

Our institutional investor clients and partners include highly-respected investment management firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, financial advisors and wealth managers, family offices, other entities, as well as high-net-worth individuals. Privacy and confidentiality are a priority. Thorough conflicts checks and legal analysis are provided routinely in order to assure our clients that they are safe and comfortable with Exceedant prior to any project acceptance.

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Our Business Services

As a privately-owned investment and advisory firm, we carefully review potential projects on a case-by-case basis. Thorough conflicts checks and legal analysis are a standard process for us at Exceedant in order to protect all parties’ interests. Our main service areas for institutional investor clients include:

Needs Analysis

A needs analysis is first typically performed, where we listen closely to your current goals and determine whether they are aligned with Exceedant's. Further, before we take on any project, a thorough and complete Conflicts of Interest examination and Legal Analysis is performed in order to ensure all parties' interests are protected.

Project Analysis

Combining the client's needs with thorough research, we perform a detailed analysis.

Private Equity

When appropriate, we may participate in an investment and secure an equity position in a project, asset or company.


Utilizing the needs analysis on behalf of clients, we perform deep-dive research.


We provide a detailed, comprehensive action plan or strategy report which reflects your current goals, deep-dive research gathered, and analysis.

Development, Build-to-Suit, Investment Management

When an investment participation or other agreement is reached, we work together with investor clients to reposition and/or develop assets for equity appreciation and increased engagement for companies. Where we have a private equity stake, we may provide investment management and active participation. We treat investments as our own for a win-win result.

Recent Projects for Institutional Investor Clients and Partners

Each project and/or advisory assignment on behalf of our investor clients and partners is protected by full client confidentiality, conflicts checks, and security processes similar to law firms. Here are some of the general subject areas which have been of recent interest by just a few of our investor clients and partners:

Development and Build-to-Suit of matching virtual real estate with physical real estate for brands to engage customers and create exciting experiences


Multifamily housing rent projections and possible impacts of new legislation


The real estate Impact of recent climate change and environmental legislation


Office and Live/Work environments as well as virtual real estate


Affordable single family housing and rental projections


Mobile home parks and Storage Facilities